Our vision is to provide organisations with a comprehensive single solution to provide digital assurance to all aspects of their IT infrastructure.

The Kemarto platform that brings together the best elements of people, process, innovation and technology.


Our analysts are specialists in their fields, they undertake high performance induction training and are incentived based on client outcomes.


Like the improvements in efficiency with came with the production line; Kemartos' proprietary processes reduce noise and speed up service delivery.


A startup culture that values risk taking. All our staff are leaders and encouraged to provide pragmatic solutions that challenge the risk profile of your organisation.


In a rapidly changing and complex security environment only the smartest technology that utilises the world's best tools will keep you ahead of the next major threat.

What our customers say

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    Prior to Kemarto my team was overworked, we were at the point of hiring a new employee. We were paying expensive licensing fess for monitoring tools, and conducting all the manual analysis ourselves. Now with Kemarto - they pay for the monitoring tools and do the human analysis. Our team has drastically reduced our overheads, and now we can focus on doing what we do best!

    - Cristian
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    As a manager I want to see overviews - graphs, changes and improvements over time. I need to know quickly what the issues are, and how we’re tracking. Kemarto has allowed me to get the key information quickly, with recommendations on ‘actions’ I can take immediately. Often security decisions need to make quickly, to patch vulnerabilities, undo unauthorised changes etc. So having Kemarto, is like having a workforce at my fingertips.

    - Loren

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