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Our clients have the peace of mind that their online presence is digitally secure.

Whether you’re a small business with multiple websites, or a large organisation managing over 200 hosts, we can help you.

We have worked with Kemarto to overhaul our security operations. We have also been able to utilise their services for some our enterprise level clients, here and overseas. The main thing for us was security for our network of contributors, and providing us the peace of mind that we are secure against the industry’s best practice standards.

As a small business owner and distributor for multiple brands in Australian, I’m required to maintain up to 10 local websites. Some staff have multiple email accounts and we access our business information from mobile and cloud based apps. In 2016 we were hacked! Now we use Kemarto’s Digital Assurance Platform to manage our online security presence.

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Kemarto helps businesses secure their digital presence.

Cyber criminals have strong, fully automated systems that they use to threaten your digital presence. Kemarto is your personal team of cyber security experts, discovering and managing your online vulnerabilities before the cyber security criminals can exploit them.

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What our customers say

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    Prior to Kemarto my team was overworked, we were at the point of hiring a new employee. We were paying expensive licensing fess for monitoring tools, and conducting all the manual analysis ourselves. Now with Kemarto - they pay for the monitoring tools and do the human analysis. Our team has drastically reduced our overheads, and now we can focus on doing what we do best!

    - Cristian
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    As a manager I want to see overviews - graphs, changes and improvements over time. I need to know quickly what the issues are, and how we’re tracking. Kemarto has allowed me to get the key information quickly, with recommendations on ‘actions’ I can take immediately. Often security decisions need to make quickly, to patch vulnerabilities, undo unauthorised changes etc. So having Kemarto, is like having a workforce at my fingertips.

    - Loren

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